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Friday, August 8, 2008

A Simple ATC

Edited 4/5/09 -- This was originally created for a challenge in the "Big Blog Challenge" hosted on This was an awesome challenge to help us learn the ropes of using Blogger and simply having a blog. I don't know if anyone is still hosting it, but if you've ever wanted a blog, but were afraid to begin then I recommend checking out the forums at to see if you can find the challenge.

I have since deleted all the other posts made during the challenge. They were fun, but kind of random and I really want to keep this blog about my creative pursuits, primarily scrapbookingl Now on with this post as it was originally written:

Today's challenge is to make and post an ATC -- Artist Trading Card. Well, it isn't particularly 'artistic' and I have no idea what I'll do with it -- add it to my embellishments stash and use it on a card or layout at some point, I suppose.

I'll probably make more ATC's as they go together pretty quickly and I'd really like to play with the idea a bit more and see how creative I can get using different materials and supplies.

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