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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Played along with Tracy Weinzapfel during tonight's Mixed Media Monday episode on Ustream. 

This was my first time to ever play along while she does her thing.  It was fun.  I had to make a lot of substitutions, as I didn't have anything exactly like she was using.  Plus Ustream, or my computer, not sure which, kept acting up and I missed huge chunks of the show, but after awhile, it didn't really matter, I was in motion so I just kept going. 

I really want to add more to this, but haven't found what yet...I know I want my white pen to do something to the letters and I think I want to stamp some texture in a few places, but haven't found what I want yet.  I will.  

She put the word GROW on her painting, but I wanted to use PLAY because it is my word for 2015, and since I was 'playing along' with her, it just seemed right to add that word to my painting.  

UPDATE:  1-21-15
In the wee hours of the morning, I decided I wanted to add some ladybugs from a new stamp and die set I bought last weekend.  Those ladybugs are a small part of a larger image from the Heartfelt Creations Classic Sunflower stamp, to get the ladybugs you also have to stamp and die cut the flowers.  Since I had the flowers right there, I added a few of those to the page, too.  This is the finished piece...and yes, I realize now that I dated it wrong.  This is how my brain works...I actually got the year correct, but my head is apparently still in December!  LOL  Whatever, it was already in the frame when I realized my mistake and I am just not going to remove it to amend the date.  ;)

Here it is framed and hanging on my wall where I will see it every day to remind myself to remember to PLAY.

p.s.  If anyone can give me some pointers on getting the pix to go where I want them to go in my posts, please give me a heads up.  I used to be able to just drag them where I wanted them, but it seems they've removed that feature...the final pic, the framed one actually went where I intended, but the others posted above the text where I wanted them to show...I don't know what I did differently with the last yeah, some tips would be awesome!   :)


Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos said...

I love it!!!

Michelle Craft said...

I like your PLAY artwork! It's beautiful! Look forward to seeing more!xxoo